Starting Over…Again

You heard that right…starting over…again.

Starting Over...AgainI think if you have not hard to re-start or change gears while doing what you want, you are a lair. I really do. Sorry! I think that we all face challenges in life that hold us back and tell us “It will happen, just not going this direction.”


I always get so pissed when that happens, and I need to take a step back and think about things. Sometimes I end up thinking way too much and never actually try again until it hits me and I think, “man, I have not done anything and you can really tell.” The other thing that makes me mad is that I am probably the last one to notice. Enter me just being pissed at myself.

So here I am, once again, starting over. I can honestly say that I have not, not done anything. I have gone for walks, I have joined the kickball team, and I have taken a run here and there. The problem is I have not been consistent with anything.  I hate not being consistent more than anything, but it is so hard to be consistent.

I get tired of all the people out there with the “no excuses” bull shit. I mean I am not coming up with excuses, it is legitimately hard. I am not trying to run during the day when I have two kids with me. They don’t want to be confined to a stroller, and honestly one is heavier than I would care to push in a stroller. I know there are other things that I could do, but I want to run.

I hate running with my kids. Yes, that is what I said. One gets twenty steps in and wants to walk. The other starts crying and whining about half a mile in. I can’t just leave them on the road we run on. I don’t feel that is my best parenting move.

I like it when my husband runs with me, but everything is on his terms. I have to be ready right when he gets home, and we never really know when he is coming home, so there is no real way to plan for it. Also if I am not 100% ready he is in a bad mood then, which translates to me being a bad mood because my crystal ball wasn’t working that day to realize I needed to start 20 minutes earlier than I did. I mean really?

I would love to run in the mornings before he goes to work. That is where I have found most of my success in morning running.  It is extremely dark here in the morning ( or at least is seems) to run before he goes. Plus if I go run, who does his breakfast and coffee? He might argue I don’t do it every single day, so it shouldn’t matter, but I do like to do it. I would love to get the girls up and run while they are getting ready, but I fear they don’t actually get ready, and if something were to happen and they are at the house alone….Ugh…I hate this. Can someone buy me a treadmill? That would solve this all.

Not really.

I have a horrible mind set that is easily defeated, and I am working on battling my way back – “excuses” and all, because I am sorry. Everyone that is spewing the “no excuses” bull shit, give them also. We are all human.

Anyone interested in joining me?

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Tips to Help Kids be Fit


I know how hard it is now days to get kids out of the house and away from the video games.   You see stories all over and parents talking about how their kids are glued to their games/computer/hand held devices.  I know my son was.  And, it frustrated me to no end!

But, just because your kids love their gaming is no reason for them to become over weight and live an unhealthy life.  Here are some great ways to help them.

1) Check out the playgrounds at your local parks or schools and make a fun play day on the jungle gym.

2) Take the family hiking, bicycling or swimming.

3) Join up with friends, family, neighbors and do fun games like softball, kickball or tag.

4) Make a point of after dinner going for a walk.  It is good family time to talk about the day.

5) Get the kids involved in cleaning the house or helping in the yard.  Doing things like vacuuming, raking, washing the car, mopping floors.

6) Get a dancing or exercise game for the Wii, Xbox, or Playstation and gather the whole family for fitness night.

Do you have a fun tip?  Share it with us.

Raising Kids Who Love Exercise

Raising Kids Who Love Exercise

Lifelong, healthy habits that will help your child succeed


Childhood obesity is a big talking point on the news nowadays—everyone from bloggers to CNN commentators to the First Lady are waking up the country to the need for healthy, happy kids. While your children’s nutrition is something over which you have a fair amount of control (at least early on), encouraging exercise is a little trickier. Here are a few tips to instill a love of fresh air and exercise in your children.

Take your cues from your kids

Until I was in college, I always thought I hated sports, hated exercise, hated competition; but the truth is, I just hated the options my parents tried to sell me on. It turns out, I love swimming, hiking, and running—and I’d love them more if I had learned good technique early on. You don’t even need to be a parent to know that kids instinctively love to move—they just don’t like being told that it’s a chore or an obligation.

Watch how your kids like to move—do they run laps around the couch? Do they naturally move when there’s music on? Do they roughhouse and wrestle? These are incredibly common behaviors that can easily be channeled into a love of intense exercise.

Get involved

And no, this doesn’t mean screaming at the ref at Little League games. Rather than just driving your kids to a class or a practice, jump in with them. If they like football, have a family pickup game in the yard. If you catch them dancing, crank up the bass and join in. Again, this is a good habit to inculcate before your teenagers are too cool to hang out with you, but if you approach it with a good sense of humor, it can work with all ages.

Model a healthy attitude

Many teenagers are turned off to exercise because of unhealthy messages they get from people around them—some view fitness as “superficial” and unimportant, while others’ fitness goals are motivated by unrealistic media portrayals and feelings of inadequacy. Especially for girls, pushing fitness for unhealthy reasons can be as dangerous as it is ineffective. Talk with your kids about your healthy lifestyle goals in an affirmative way, but never vent negative feelings about your body around your kids. You’re their model for “normal”, and if they learn from you that “normal” isn’t good enough, you’re setting them up for a rough time.

Ration electronics seriously

A big part of encouraging a natural, enjoyable relationship with exercise is just making space for it in your kids’ lives, and that means rationing out the gadgets. One great way to make this happen is to post a sign by the computer: “Want today’s wireless password?” with a list of chores or activities they need to do before they can sign in. It’s also a good idea to install extensions that add up your browsing time for the day, and block their favorite sites when their allotted time is up. In my house, there are no laptops in the bedrooms, and less than one hour on the family computer per person. Exceptions for special occasions are okay, but having rules makes a huge difference.

Low-intensity activity is okay

Exercise with your kid should never feel like a death march. Inculcating fitness in kids is about creating positive attitudes toward exercise, not prepping your 9-year-old for a marathon. Sometimes, a walk outside, a pickup game of Frisbee, or a couple unstructured hours at the pool is all you need. If your kid learns that being outside is fun, they’ll pick up the discipline and structure that they need from peers, coaches, and their own personal goals.


Julia Peterson is a writer for, a popular website that provides up-to-date news, detailed commentary, and unbiased reviews on cell phones and related topics. Julia resides in Galveston, Texas in a cozy little house in the country with her husband, young son, and their Labrador retriever, Darby.

My Fitness tips after workout nutrition


What is your opinion that you can do to realize excellent fitness results for overall wellness and lifestyle?
Develop a great lifting weights routine and interval cardio in your workouts. You won’t have to do the same thing constantly. Muscle is required to continue your high metabolism, and also you need cardio to transport a powerful heart. Therefore, it’s beneficial to choose a correct balance.
Implement full body movements in your resistance training. You actually desire to keep a constant movement going during your whole routine. You could even try raising your arms over your head while squatting and you would be equipped to tell the way in which heart beating rate increases quickly. Keep their body moving to perform your entire routine and you’ll have sweat develop in so far as in a cardio workout.
It’s beneficial that during the time, you consistently eat. And, it’s extremely important to implement natural, health food into those 5 daily meals, including a protein in each and every dish. You should don’t forget to feed your muscles with body-enhancing protein. In this manner, your metabolic rate keeps working all the time by helping you keep your muscles with a high mass.
As you’ve probably heard before, your after workout nutrition could be the most important meal within your day.
This is due to when you’re finished with an intense workout, you begin to excessively stop working muscle tissue. The chief thanks to revert this and promote an anabolic state would be to drink up a delicious, digestible shake or smoothie immediately after workout. Choose a quick meal with necessary carbohydrates to revitalize your muscle and needed protein turning start muscle repair.
The post-workout meal should generally contain between 300-500 calories so you can benefit response. Even though healthy fats will be excellent to have in the meal, don’t forget to make sure fat content extremely low.
Remember that you’re not forced buy expensive supplement shakes of your quick meals. Making at-home, drinkable meals with natural ingredients is all that you positively need! You’ll feel stronger and better with each workout.
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Hy i’m renata. Fitness is my hobby about 5 years and I share my knowledge with you. You find recommend fitness home gym and daily fitness news on:

Fitness Games Guide From Wii Fit Plus Top

The Wii Fit Plus is the newest (and revised) adaptation of the accepted exercise video bold Wii Fit. The aboriginal adaptation has been amenable for the huge acceptance of accumulation concrete exercise with the fun of a video game. The capital objectives of the aboriginal adaptation are kept intact; you are shepherded through a conditioning appliance your Wii antithesis lath and added controllers. But the Plus adaptation has some big improvements over its predecessor. For one thing, you are now able to clothier your workouts to fit your goals and strengths. There are a lot of new antithesis games, which was consistently the funniest allotment of the original. While we can’t necessarily acclaim some of the ambiguous bloom advice, the Wii Fit Plus is absolute for humans absent to accomplish a change in their akin of bloom after traveling to the gym psp games.

One of the better additions included in Wii Fit Plus is the added yoga and beef training contest that are included.

These new contest are geared against users who are a little added advanced, and absolutely accord a added complete annular of options than the aboriginal Wii Fit. The creators accept aswell smoothed out the way you admission anniversary exercise to accomplish your conditioning smoother with beneath downtime. You can try any of the contest from the start. You don’t accept to plan your way through levels to alleviate specific workouts and exercises. What is altered from the aboriginal is the adeptness to yield these alone contest and put them calm to actualize a complete workout. If creating your own conditioning doesn’t address to you, again there are abounding pre-made workouts to accept from. You can actualize workouts that are up to sixty account long, but you accept to actualize these workouts carefully from the yoga or beef exercises. It would be added able if they had included the adeptness to use the added aerobic workouts in affiliation with the yoga and backbone exercises psp games.

A actual advantageous and broadcast appliance to the Wii Fit Plus is the adeptness to clue your goals and how you are progressing. While Plus still relies heavily on a person’s physique accumulation index, which is not the best way to actualize a physique contour if acclimated exclusively, it still gives you an abstraction of area you are and area you wish to be. With Plus you aswell accept a accessible calorie adverse that helps you apperceive how abounding calories you’ve austere during a specific workout. All of these additions advice you accomplish and accumulate your exercise goals.

The accession of twelve new antithesis lath amateur is apparently traveling to be the affection of the Plus that you will apprehend about the most. They are added arduous and in abyss than the antecedent antithesis lath options. You can appoint in fun activities such as a snow brawl action or try out your golf abilities with the active range. All in all, the Wii Fit Plus has abundant improvements to accomplish it advantageous to advance in.

For more info about psp games please visit my website and enjoy yourself.

Mastering the System for reasonable Home fitness equipment

Gym memberships can be very costly. You realize that they are high priced to get a reason when you go out and in demonstration, try to ask about the kind of rates home gym equipment goes for. Finding low cost fitness equipment can often be so hard, your search can be harder as opposed to exercise you plan to put in. Have you ever tried calling someone upwards who’s put out a free ad for any used gym equipment, you will observe right away that there are lots of people who’ve seen the classified ad. His or her phone line is usually hectic for hours. Before you can get in a word edgewise, somebody’s snapped up the deal. It isn’t uncommon to have some people selling low-cost fitness equipment to promise the identical unit to multiple men and women. When they all show up to choose it up, the seller tries to perform one party off contrary to the other to try to raise the price tag.

But there are other choices you’ve got, to going through traditional programmes for cheap fitness equipment. The first thing you have to do is to leave the free classified sites section in your local paper on it’s own. In any moderately sized community, any piece of equipment that will come openly advertised will have a great deal of people trying for it. You may be far better off taking pursuit to the Internet. Looking up Craigslist . org, the classifieds website, is usually much better. You get to see bookings as soon as they’re published. You’ll not be going up against dozens of folks who will be looking at the ad this also time that you will – this is simply not something that’s delivered to members like papers. If you carry on the website several times a day, it is possible to catch a piece of equipment as soon as it truly is published. Certainly, it can be a very little extra work. But it’s no more than that which you’d do to find a low plane tickets on Expedia or he Orbitz.

Using trying to pick up some low-cost fitness equipment, advertising in the Desired section instead of running soon after equipment that is already publicised for sale, can be a grand concept. What are you looking for? Take an inventory and put out advertisements. Most people have old equipment available that they never use. You might put the seed of an notion into their minds if you supply to buy before they even present to sell.

JamesC Hiatt17756 is a fulltime journalist on topics such as Direct Quote Life Insurance and maintains a variety of web-sites about Life Insurance Term Rates where you could get most up to date news and reviews.

Physical Fitness Exercises- The Secret of Healthy Living

People think that sleeping and giving rest to the body for 8 hours in a day is a sufficient therapy for keeping their body fit but what they do not realise is that this is just one aspect of keeping their body fit. There is another crucial aspect that they tend to ignore because either they are too lazy to work out or they consider it unimportant for their lives. This article basically talks about the importance of physical fitness exercises in one’s life.

The level of fitness of an individual largely depends on the time devoted to physical fitness exercises in a day or to be more precise, regularly. From simple to the complex ones, every type has its own relevance. One can easily make sure that his/ her health and body is kept in perfect shape by few simple moves daily without an aid of special instruments and equipments or going to gym. There is certainly no need to visit a fitness centre to learn these moves as one can easily learn them with the help of some guidance.

Stamina is essential for keeping the body going. Moreover, if this element is missing, it is virtually impossible to work on others. Therefore, one should work on this aspect to make sure that you have enough stamina to work out and accomplish other tasks. There are a variety of activities that can be undertaken towards a better physical fitness program. The best solution by which this can be taken care of is through moving the muscles of body that are large in structure. A rhythmic motion in continuous pattern will take care of this schedule.

These activities are an ultimate solution for the betterment of entire body. Your fitness schedule should include exercise for every part of the body to make sure that the total effect is attained for your body. Every element in your body should have a perfect balance maintained. A slight imbalance will lead to deterioration of complete working out schedule and a perfect schedule will definitely make for a healthy body and smart living.

Getting motivated by this piece is one part and actually implementing this to your routine schedule is another. The call is entirely yours. The initial days may seem difficult and tiring but soon the body will get used to this too and this is where the rush of strength, fitness and freshness gushes in

For more information on physical fitness exercises, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the physical fitness program!

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