No Need to Hit the Gym



When you can workout at home. Working out at home is getting more and more popular because it is easier. Why pay for a gym membership, travel to and from the gym, deal with the stink, sweaty people, rude people, competition for machines, etc. Not to mention, all the looks and stares some people give. Yikes.. why put yourself thru that. I honestly have only worked out in a gym maybe 5 times in my life. Hubby and I tried it once, then I went with a friend when I was in Florida, and then went with another friend to a local gym. I just don’t fit the gym rat stereotype. I like to be able to workout when I want, how I want, and wearing what I want. I can get better results from doing at home fitness regimens than I ever could if I went to a gym.

There are so many amazing home exercise programs that one is never going to get bored, or tired of doing the same thing. You can concentrate on one certain body part, or do things that work every area of your body in one workout plan. I myself have a mass collection of DVD’s and love to switch things up weekly. I get bored if I do one thing for to long so I keep my body and mind guessing.

I can push myself harder at home than I could in any gym. Some of the exercise routines I use just about kill me! Ha.. not really but I feel like I will die but I love that feeling and I keep pushing and pushing. Why.. well because Rome wasn’t build in a day, and neither is a rock hard body! Even if you are not going for the rock hard body, and are wanting to just be fit and healthy you can do it all at home, with little equipment and no travel time. This is great especially for those with young kids, and you have to squeeze in your exercise between naps and play dates. Don’t short change your health, get your fitness on at home!

Leave me a comment and tell me if you workout at home and if you do, what do you do ?

Author: Molly Ritterbeck

I am a blogger who loves to share the world of fitness and lead you to the info that amazing people are putting out!

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