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March Challenges – One For Everyone!

Run With Jess – She provides a printable each month – because in her works – “What gets measured gets managed.” She has a couple others but regardless – these are a great tool to use for seeing where you started and where you have gotten! Bookmark this page for sure!

Midwest Multisport Life 100 Day Burpee Challenge – that is being held by 300 Pounds and Running

Mommy Run Fast5 by 5th Virtual Run Series – challenge yourself to run a 5K or 5 mile run by the 5th!

Well of Health March Fitness Calendar and Money Madness Challenge to measure multi aspects this month!

Aphalicious Bliss – A March Challenge that is sure to get you motivated to put the money into your jar for usage! I can’t explain it as good as the blog post you can find HERE!

Challenge Loop Challenge in the House! – Spice It Up Challenge hosted by BackatSquareZero

Walisa Dickson – one of my Tough Chik girls has an awesome challenge on FB for you to join in on – CrazySexyFitt/FamiliesGettingFit Burpee vs. Squat Challenge

 Wine To Weightlifting #nogirlypushups challenge – I like the sound of this one!

Sports Bras and Sippy CupsLove my Abs Challenge

Running With Tongs – has a Yoga Everyday Challenge!

I encourage you to try one or more! Please let them know Fitness Love sent you!



San Diego Gym – Gym Program Offers Permanent Fitness Solutions

For a San Diego Gym Trainer Professional, I’ve helped more than 750 San Diego residents lose weight now, firm up, to get into outstanding shape. In addition to share with you the majority of, it is often rather easy. The moment that one sensational formula for you to get people within very good shape, its no problem.

During the last generations, I perfected my San Diego Gym Trainer Program, which involves the top fat-crushing as well as muscle toning exercises. My San Diego Gym fitness trainer Program is widely known for the fat-melting capabilities. And I am aware that it may aid you drop those unwanted pounds and obtain in to great shape, quickly.

Probably the greatest exercises contained in my San Diego Gym fitness trainer Program will be the squat. Squats are an amazing exercise. They work your complete body plus they are the one best leg building exercises nowadays.

Not legs, but squats also improve your butt, your core, your back. So, you definitely plan to incorporate squats within your current fitness trainer program. Together with I’m debating free squats, not machine squats. Machines produce things too quick. Thats why almost all people like them.

My second favourite San Diego Gym Trainer workout is the dead lift. Dead lifts, similar to the squat, work your entire body. That is a really good strength movement in addition. The key to doing dead lifts, is that you have to be described as a maximum for reps between 4 and even 6. Doing more reps than that is definitely pointless.

The third perfect San Diego Gym Trainer workout is the Bench Press. As absolutely everyone already understands which bench press work tummy muscles. Bench presses make the perfect compound movement, working not only tummy, but also shoulders, along with triceps.

My fourth favored San Diego Gym fitness trainer exercise is the Dumbbell Rows. Dumbbell Rows work your back muscle groups, passing it on fullness along with thickness. An advantage of dumbbell rows is that you could have a full stretch in addition to contract considering the dumbbells in comparison to barbell rows. That is a rough exercise, but worthwhile the effort. Everyone looks excellent with a perfectly shaped, large taper. Moreover, your complete rows, whether they are available as cable rows, dumbbell rows or barbell rows, also get treatment your bicep muscle groups. Discuss killing two birds with one stone.

Another remarkable San Diego Gym fitness trainer exercise are walking lunges. It is a fantastic leg, hamstring, and glute exercise that should really push you and obtain you into astounding shape. When i love this exercise. Its very difficult, but it has your legs looking stunning very quickly.

My last beloved San Diego Gym fitness trainer exercises are the Shoulder Press. Shoulder Presses are fantastic exercises to make your shoulder muscle tissues and also triceps. You have got three heads to your shoulders. You’ve your anterior or front deltoids, you will have also your medial or side deltoids, and even you might have your rear deltoids. All these muscle mass has to be worked so as to achieve balance. And even the shoulder press, either barbell or dumbbell, will give you phenomenal leads to much very less time of your energy.

Remember, these are my top San Diego Gym fitness trainer exercises that if used correctly, will present you dropping fat along with toning up your physique rather quickly.

Whenever you discover the ideal San Diego Gym Program, prepare to work hard. The correct Gym Program will have you shedding a pile of fat in record time. Get Insanity workout reviews Well that’s that, day 15 is done and gone. You know, the numbers were not exactly what I wanted but I did see some improvement. I do know for sure that I feel way better and I am getting more and more definition each week. The Shaun T Insanity Workout Program is the real deal. I love that it’s only a 60 day program and doesn’t require extra equipment. It’s just straight forward and perfect for those who have a hard time sticking to a long schedule. Dig Deeper! Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90 Entrepreneur – Fitness Coach – Student of Life http Skype: JasonCroxford
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The benefits of fitness exercises and cardio training programs

Cardiovascular health can not be underestimated. People have to make sure your heart is healthy and free from the threat of cardiovascular disease. There are jobs that put people at greater risk and prevent health problems arising from a weak heart or unhealthy, it is necessary to have a cardio exercise program. This includes exercises that are designed to keep the heart in its optimum state.

Benefits of a Healthy Heart

There are actually many benefits to the observation of cardio fitness. No matter if you are healthy or sick, to be sure your heart is healthy at all times. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of healthy living.

Cardio fitness facilitates the loss of body fat and toxins. Perhaps you’ve heard of people who experience decreased appetite, once they have adopted a regular exercise routine.

Even if this does not happen to you, you’re still safe weight loss due to calorie burning effects of cardio exercises. In fact, some people can consume thousands of calories a day, but are still able to maintain a poorly because they exercise regularly. Indeed, this type of exercise are probably the best there is in regard to the development of lean body tissue and facilitate weight loss. These exercises are most effective when combined with proper diet.

Different types of cardiovascular exercises

Weight exercises are good for the cardiovascular and skeletal system. You do not have to lift weights if you want. You can do brisk walking instead. Running is also a good way to exercise with weights, and it’s really great for the heart as well. These exercises also help reduce osteoporosis.

If you have time for aerobics, you should take advantage of these aerobic classes. If you do not want to go to the gym, you can get videos of fitness and just exercise at home too. Aerobic exercise is good for people with cardiovascular problems. These are also perfect for people with diabetes. This helps keep blood sugar levels monitored in the blood. These exercises help in making ultra-sensitive cells in the presence of insulin. Such exercises also help reduce body fat and reduce blood pressure. They also reduce anxiety and depression. Indeed, these are just some of the many benefits that would result from cardio workouts.

Chef Matt Goudge, the owner of ProChef360 blog, is an expert in culinary arts.
He is, after all, an excellent chef who had worked in some of the best resorts, hotels and restaurants in the world.

Lisa Beverley writes highly informative and researched articles for end consumers about a variety of health care topics including remedies, Health and Fitness, Nutrition,Slimming,weight loss products, bodybuilding supplements and diet tips.

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Keep fit this Christmas with personal training programs


Christmas has come and people are preparing for celebration and joy. This is the time when you have the chance to show your fitness and enjoy your moments in a fit body. If you want to make this Christmas really memorable, give yourself the gift of fit body and active mind. You still have the time to take decision and surprise your family and friends by your unique Christmas gift. 
Body fitness is very necessary to make your life better. If you have an athlete body, your personality looks better. On the other hand a plump body with excess fat makes you lazy and unattractive. Since the long time in history people have been doing many exercises to reduce their body fat and keep themselves fit. But in the hectic lifestyle of today’s world, people don’t get time to think about their body. Also sedentary lifestyles are making their body unfit and plump. It is not easy now to reduce excess fat from the body. Only some exercises are not sufficient. You need a perfect combination of balanced and metabolic diet with special exercises meant for different parts of body. You also have to avoid fast and junk foods and take fat free metabolic diet.  
Personal training programs offer you complete training with experts who provide you tips to produce better and faster results through the diet and exercise combinations. You can get this training and various tips for fit and active body through the literature material and CD and DVD’s. These programs give you added advantage over your competitor by enabling you to understand your customer’s requirement in a better way and customizing your training program according to your customer’s need.
Give your loved ones and family the gift of best personal training certification this Christmas. It will enhance your joy on the occasion and help you celebrate it in a different way. In this session of workout you learn various ways to reduce body fat through different metabolic diet patterns and light exercises.
Best personal training certification makes you a certified transformation specialist who can give various athletic shapes to body according to requirement. It makes you an expert in controlling body fat and giving it a fit shape through various combinations of diet and food patterns. You learn the importance of metabolic diet and handles body fat through it. So make your Christmas occasion more special this year by joining the course. 


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“Truth About Abs” Diet and Fitness Program Reviewed and Exposed – Details Inside

Lowest Refund Rate Online

The “Truth About Abs” program proudly boasts about having the lowest refund rate for ANY FITNESS PROGRAM ONLINE since 2004. The reason for this is their program actually works. There are no “extreme diets” involved. No crazy calorie shifting like you will find in other “popular” diets.

Expected Results

Most people will notice a big boost in their energy levels within the first few days of following the Truth About Abs program. The majority of those who follow TAA’s nutrition program along with the fitness routine, will lose at least 6 pounds of fat during the first 17 days. I know people who needed to drop a dress size or belt size in just a few weeks and I had them follow the Truth About Abs program… and a few weeks later they were thanking me for sending them in the right direction.

Exercise is a Must

Do not believe the hype that you read on other websites about diets not involving fitness.

The truth of the matter is simple. The more lean muscle your body has, the more fat your body will naturally burn. So a program tells you not to workout, they are basically asking you to limit the amount of fat that your body could burn.

New Type of Exercise

Aside from Truth About Abs being centered around solid nutrition and a sensible workout plan. They step out of the crowd and present innovative ways to workout. Instead of doing 10 different exercises with 3 sets and 10 reps (typical workout found in magazines or books). TAA will have you doing circuit sets, super sets, full body multi joint exercises. These forms of fitness have been proven over and over again to easily blast away more fat than those ancient magazine style workouts.

No More Crunches

Truth About Abs is a book about losing stomach fat and revealing your abs.

However there are almost no crunches in the whole book. Maybe one or two. Reason being is they teach against sit ups and crunches. Through years of qualified experience they have discovered several other ways to workout their abs more efficiently.

100% No Risk Guarantee

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Yoga-4 Great Reasons For Incorporating Yoga Into Your Fitness Program In 2011

Over the last number of years yoga has become an extremely popular form of exercise.Most types of yoga tend to focus on deep breathing and relaxation but there are more physical forms that really give you an incredible workout – mind and body.

Yoga has become ever more popular with people in the west who have traditionally pumped weights but are now beginning to recognize the real benefits of a fit body and fit mind. A session of yoga can be used alternately with your regular workout to introduce a little variety into your mind/body workout and which will see you gaining the extra benefit of proper rest periods for your body.

Yoga started in India and is essentially a series of poses that you hold for a time period ranging from seconds to minutes and these poses are intended to bring greater unity between mind, body and spirit.

1.Easy To Get Started
It’s easy to get started. There are quite gentle forms such Ananda and Kripalu which eases you into the exercising and you can work your way up to more strenous forms such as Astanga, which is one of the most physical forms and is really an intense workout.

2.Equipment Needs Are Small
You don’t need much equipment, special clothing or don’t have to relie on the weather in order to do your routine. All you need is a mat and a you can do your workout in any room in the comfort of your own home and can be easily fitted in to your daily routine.

3.Yoga Is Suitable For Everybody
Yoga is suitable for everyone. You can take it up and keep it up right in to old age and is very flexible in terms of what the body can sustain.

4.Real Benefits of Yoga
The benefits of doing yoga are many. It relaxes both body and mind. It improves your flexiblilty, strength and balance. It helps to relieve stress and keeps the body supple.I also gives you an overall feeling of well-being. All in all a great form of exercise and relaxation and can help you to have a long and healthy life.

Check out Marcy home gym and smith machine home gym at which can help you lose weight and get in shape.

Fitness e-Books – Muscle Building Training Programs

Muscle building training programs is a necessity for some individuals. They need it for their lifestyle, and health. But why are there some people who work out and yet, see no results. It is because they have some of these mistakes that they don’t notice, if you want to see some of that, here are the common mistakes when an individual trying to gain muscle mass.

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Cardiovascular workout program has a big role in your workout plan. So skipping cardio exercises is not a good thing to do. Your weight training program will be useless if you will not incorporate it with a good cardio workout plan.

Muscle building training programs must also have a good combination of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercises help the muscle to recover faster after weight training programs. This helps for the transportation of oxygen and blood flow to the muscle every after workout.

Don’t waste precious time on working out for your biceps and triceps; this will cause you too much time, as an alternative way, pay attention on your large muscle groups. Doing this, your biceps and triceps will easily follow as well. Another thing is that, don’t over train your muscle tissues, this might cause injury to your muscle groups, and you surely don’t want this thing to happen. In order to avoid that, know when to take a rest and give your muscle a time to breath.

Keeping your focus is really vital in muscle building training programs. Why? It is because that being focus to what you are doing will gradually help you to become stronger and stronger each and every time you work out. So focus is really important in all your workouts. In addition to that, incorporate your workout with a strength training program. Doing this will balance your body building exercises and will push to the limit of your body to do more reps and learn more techniques to expand your workout period and boost up your recovery.

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Fitness e-Books – Muscle Building Exercise Program

Muscle building exercise program is not that what you like. You have to choose what outcome you want to have. If you want to gain mass, building muscle program is the right stuff for you. If you want to lose weight, then it is much better for you to prefer a weight loss program. These two things are really important before working out, knowing your goals will give you the best result you always wanted.

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If you want to lose more fat in your body, weightlifting exercise is just the right stuff for you. If you are a type of person who is obese, chubby or healthy, losing weight during exercise is really an ideal thing to do. It is also vital to know how much amount of weight you can raise for the first 12 weeks of your workout, it is much better if you lift weight which is lighter, this will help you to loosen those unwanted body fats little by little; doing it with more repetition is a good combination to it.

Muscle building exercise program is a great idea of planning before working out.

To be prepared is really an essential thing to do. But as you see some pictures of people who have big biceps, broad shoulders, etc. have made a lot of dedication, time and effort for them to achieve that kind of body, it is better to get use of the program you are doing for a week, for this, this will certainly help you to raise weights much more easier and to see the outcome in your body you never expected.

For some people who just started from working out, gym equipments is a sure thing that is new for you, trying all of this at once will be a sure thing. For a beginner, muscle building exercise program is really important, knowing the number of repetitions and sets will play a big role in accomplishing your goal.

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Walk For Fitness Included in Your Weight Loss Program

Your Healthy Weight Loss Program.

The essential elements of any successful weight loss program include eating a healthy diet, regular exercise and natural nutritional supplements. Many people fall short of their goals because they do not include all three essential elements while treating their weight loss program as a “diet”. A diet is nothing but a temporary change of eating habits. Its very essence is never meant to be permanent even though we want permanent results. A successful weight loss program focuses on permanently changing unhealthy habits and doing the things that will help maintain lifelong health and happiness. Therefore, we walk for fitness. We walk for weight loss and we walk for our health.

Walk for Fitness.

To get the most out of our walk for fitness program we want to be intentional about achieving our fitness, weight loss and health goals.

When we are intention we are committed to accomplish our goals. These points helps your walk fitness plan. Whether you walk outside, in a gym, at the mall, on a treadmill, elliptical machine or a stepper you should always focus on these key tips.

1. Stretch before and after you walk. This helps your muscles loosen up and get the most out of walk.

2. Start Slow, Finish Slow. This is the warm up and cool down time of your exercise. Your heart and body needs to gradually move into the exercise and ease out of it.

3. Use Your Arms. Not only are you adding a full body work out to your walk fitness plan but by using your arms you get your heart more fully engaged. Walking is not just to work your legs out but more importantly walking strengthens your heart.

4. Breathe.

By taking deep breathes throughout your walk you are bringing oxygen into your lungs and body. The oxygen is necessary to improve our blood flow, help our muscles work at their optimal level (including your heart muscle)and even improve each and every one of our cells. Oxygen and water are the most essential elements needed in our bodies and both help improve the effectiveness of your work out plan.

5. Contract Your Stomach Muscles. We are moving our walk fitness plan to be a total body workout. By contracting your stomach muscles and holding them for 5 to 10 seconds throughout your walk you are building your core muscles (your abs and back).

6. Change Your Pace. Many people walk only for aerobic exercise. In fact, by changing the speed and intensity of your walk you move to an anaerobic exercise as well. Anaerobic exercise is were you will increase the intensity for a short period and then go back to comfortable pace. For instance you can walk as fast as you can for 1 or 2 minutes or 1 or 2 blocks. Or you can increase the incline of your treadmill for short period of time to increase your intensity. Walking up and down hills serves the same purpose. The anaerobic exercise takes your walk fitness plan to another level.

By applying these tips your walk becomes more than a walk in the park but a complete walk for fitness plan that is a full body workout to help you get fit, lose weight, and improve your health all for my favorite cost, Free. Be careful not to overdo it. Your walk for fitness plan works for you regardless of your fitness level. But start where you are and improve from there.

Your weight loss program is successful when you eat a healthy diet, take natural nutritional supplements and exercise regularly. Your walk for fitness plan helps you easily exercise regularly to meet your weight loss goal.

Louis Jeffries. As a healthy diet, fitness and weight loss professional, Louis publishes encouraging tips and advice to enhance our lives. Louis is committed to share how people can lose weight, get fit and stay healthy. For additional free tips and advice go to Lose Weight.