Women and Abdominal Exercise

A common complaint from woman that want to get into shape in time for summer bikini season, is that it is too hard and exhausting to get a flat stomach. While it is true that all exercise is stressful in the beginning, often it is simply because of wrong technique. Men and women have different muscle tissue. Men’s muscles have developed to be short and explosive for use in combat and hunting, while women have longer muscle fibers, that are better suited for endurance.

So if you are a woman, you should not do the same abdominal exercises as men, simply because you will not benefit a lot, and they will hurt more than they do good. Exercises to stay away from is all kinds of weighted crunches, whether it is holding a weight on your chest or doing abdominal crunches on a incline. Those exercises are specifically tailored towards mens explosive power and is not what you are looking for.

Instead go for abdominal exercises with many repetitions.

One such abdominal exercise is the bicycle crunch where you lie flat on your back, with your hands behind your head, and pull your knee to your opposite elbow and switch. This is a very good and easy exercise to really target those abs.

Remember that doing abdominal exercises is only half the battle. A good balanced diet is just as important if you want to get in shape and lose fat. Try to stick to it and imagine how great you will feel come summer!

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Abdominal Exercises – Reverse Curl

 The reverse curl will develop the lower abdominal muscles and will help to reduce a protruding stomach and obesity. Many parents have no idea that their child could be overweight, according to a study which found that offspring who are chronically fat are typically viewed by their mother and father as being of normal weight. In a survey that involved 277 British children, researchers found that only a quarter of parents recognized when their child was overweight. Where children were obese, a third of mothers and 57 percent of fathers thought their offspring was “about right,” according to the study, published online Friday by the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The skewed outlook also applied to the parents’ view of themselves. Among parents who were overweight or obese themselves, 40 percent of mothers and 45 percent of fathers considered their own weight to be “about right.”

These perceptions are major hurdles to fighting child obesity, because parents who do not recognize the condition will not do anything about it.

Child obesity has already reached epidemic proportions in the United States and is spreading rapidly in Britain and elsewhere. One of the most simple and safe way to start improving your fitness level is the reverse curls. Starting Position: Lie on the floor. Bend the knees, place the feet flat on the floor, and place arms at sides.  Movement: Pull the knees to the chest, raising the hips off the floor; do not let the knees go past the shoulders. Keep your head in a neutral position. Slowly return to starting position.

Exhale as you pull your knees toward your chest; inhale as you return to starting position.  Repeat until fatigued.

You can increase a level of difficulties by placing a small pillow under your lower back and holding a weight (for example, a bottle with water) between feet. Keep your buttocks off the floor when you bring your knees to the chest. Repeat until fatigued. Always exhale when you pull your knees toward your chest and inhale when you return to the starting position.  If you have a back problem, start with massage of your lower back by your knuckles first for one minute. You might find it appealing and more effective to add to the reverse curls an aerobic exercise with resistance that involves some large muscles in the body.  Please consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.  For more information visit www.tuneup.org.

Mikhail Levitin MS Physical Therapist, Former Olympic Athlete, 5th degree Black Belt

Transverse Abdominal Exercises

The goal of abdominal exercises is to build muscle, but also to attain a flat, attractive stomach. This is where transverse abdominal exercises come in. The Transverse Abdominus is the stabilizing muscle that acts like a belt along with other abdominal muscles, to provide core stability and in keep your stomach shape.

First it’s important to understand how your transverse abdominal muscles function. More than anything else they are stabilizing and supporting muscles. This means that instead of performing a crunch or a sit-up, you should be performing exercises which force your muscles to be used in a stabilizing and supporting role.

Begin by lying on a flat surface, such as the floor or a bench. Make use of a mat or towel to support your spine. Bend your knees allowing your feet to lay flat on the floor, and then raise your pelvis (exclusively) off the floor, hold momentarily, and then return to initial position.

The most basic abdominal exercise is the Crunch, but even it is unable to work the transverse abdominals. Strengthening your transverse abdominals is a good idea. As the muscle group that is responsible for connecting the rectus abdominus with the lower back muscles it helps to form a girdle-like belt of support throughout the abdominal area.

In the myriad of information regarding how to get the perfect stomach, one group of muscles is often forgotten: the transverse abdominal muscles. Core muscles that are located below the rectus abdominus. Did you think traditional crunches worked all the stomach? Well, that is not the case. Traditional crunches do nothing for transverse abdominal muscles, despite the fact that they are very important because they connect to both the lower back muscles and the rectus abdominus.

Any stomach exercise routine aimed at developing your abs ought to consist of specific stomach exercises for the transverse abdominals. Try the following exercises for the abs and take some time to develop your abdominals and begin working to get the toned six pack abs you always desired.

Other exercises that you can use are the ones that as mentioned make use of rotational movement, or more complex and coordinated movements which bring many muscles into the scene. For example, hanging leg raises are great for the transverse abs, as are medicine ball toe touches or medicine ball twists.

Lie on a flat surface such as a bench or the floor using a mat or a towel to cushion youself. Bend you knees until your feet are flat on the floor. Keeping your upper body on the floor throughout slowly and with a controlled movement raise your hips from the floor. Hold it at that position for a few seconds at the top of the arc and then lower it slowly maintaining control throughout.

The transverse muscle layer is the innermost muscle layer in the abdomen, and if you tone this layer correctly, you will also be toning your pelvic floor muscles that hold up all the internal organs. You’ve probably heard of Kegel exercises… most of these are done incorrectly and are not as effective as they could be. By toning your transverse muscles you’ll be helping to strengthen your pelvic floor at the same time, which is great news for anyone, but especially for women who are or have been pregnant.

Maintain a neutral spine and brace your abs and, in a slow and controlled motion, extend your left leg toward the floor, straightening it while at the same time extending your opposite arm (right arm) behind your head so that it is now parallel to the floor. Ensure that the non-working arm and leg are stationary. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds and then switch sides. Aim for 12 to 20 reps depending on your abdominal and core endurance.

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Pregnancy Abdominal Exercises

By: FitNRG.net

Your abdominal muscles run up and down from your chest to your pubic bone. During pregnancy abdominal muscles take most of the pressure of the growing baby.  It’s common for your abdomen to weaken, soften, and even separate like a zipper opening under stress during pregnancy. That’s only a few reasons why it’s so important that you stay fit and take good care of your abdominal muscles during pregnancy.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to totally give up abdominal exercises. There are exercises you can do to help strengthen your abdominal muscles during pregnancy. Below are two very easy pregnancy abdominal exercises you can do to strengthen and tone your abdomen.

Abdominal Exercise During Pregnancy

Suck in your gut as if you’re trying to zip up a very tight pair of jeans. Tighten and hold your abdominal muscles for 5 seconds. Repeat 12 – 15 times. Don’t hold your breath while tightening your muscles. Kneel on your hands and knees keeping your elbows slightly bent. Keep your back flat. Keep your head and neck in line with your spine. Let your tummy drop towards the floor and pull your belly button up towards your spine. Make sure you’re tightening and working your abdominal muscles and not using your back muscles when pulling your belly button up towards your spine.


Because your abdominal muscles take most of the pressure of the growing baby, in addition to pregnancy exercises there are things you can do to lessen the strain on your abdominal muscles. Simple things like when getting out of bed remember to turn onto your side and push up with both arms, avoid exercises where you curl up, and don’t hold your breath when you carry or lift something are some of the simple things you can do to lessen the strain on your abdominal muscles during pregnancy.

During pregnancy sometimes the pressure of the growing baby can cause a separation in your abdominal muscles.  When you get out of bed or the bath and you notice a bulge along the middle of your abdomen you could have a separation in your abdominal muscles. If you have a separation of the abdominal muscles you should not do sit-ups or do exercises that twist the hips, rotate or bend the trunk to one side until the gap in your abdomen is closed. Performing abdominal exercises incorrectly you will only make the abdominal separation wider.

Staying fit during pregnancy and having strong abdominal muscles will help make labor easier, reduce stretch mark, prevent a saggy post-partum midsection, and faster recovery after delivery. During pregnancy try to stay active by doing light exercises. A 5 or 10 minutes walk each day is still better than being sedentary. And when you exercise during pregnancy you will gain less weight, reduce fatigue, leg cramps, backache, and other pregnancy discomforts.

Take control of your pregnancy weight gain, and learn how you can you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com Here are my 3 favorite abdominal exercises in which none involve lying on your back and curling your shoulder blades off the ground, or any type of movement that requires you to perform hundreds of situps while lying on the ground. These 3 ab exercises can be performed in circuit fashion for an excellent abdominal workout that will work your abs really well and help burn belly fat without placing stress on your lower back. The first exercise is the ab wheel. To begin you want to put your knees on the ground and place your body in the upright position. Rollout, keeping your back straight, while squeezing your abs and then return to the starting position. Repeat. Next, you will immediately move on to stability ball jackknives. There are all sorts of variations of this exercise. For example, you can rest your elbows on a bench with your feet on a stability ball, placing your body in a plank-like position. In this case, you will brace your abs and tuckyour knees into your chest and then back out. To make this exercise even more difficult you can do one-leg stability ball jackknives. So, when one leg tucks in, the other kicks out. You may also want to try stability ball jackknives with a bit of rotation. This will involve bringing your knees to one side and then to the other. Another alternative is to perform stability ball jackknives with your hands on the ground, with an additional push up added in for good measure

Abdominal Core Exercise ? Find the Best Abdominal Exercises

The best abdominal exercises do not require any fancy machines or memberships at expensive gyms. Sure, you will benefit from a pull up bar. The abdominal core exercise is simple and effective. Read on to discover why simple abdominal core exercise is still the best.

Before getting into discussions of abdominal core exercise, let me tell you that exercise or balance balls are not capable of giving you the desired results. If your personal trainer focuses on ‘core muscles’ by directing you to use the balance balls, you are wasting your time. You follow the same routines in the hope these abdominal exercises would build muscles in your midsection. However, you will see no results even after several weeks or even months.

People who have six-pack abs will tell you they concentrate more on reducing body fat and less on abdominal core exercise. Talk to someone who actually has six pack abs. Not the gurus, but the ordinary men and women who have a flat tummy will be happy to help you. Most of them have developed a perfect midsection without even having heard about ‘core exercises’. In fact, they concentrate less time exploring best abdominal exercises. Instead, they focus on overall health and physical fitness. On closer look, you will find diet management and continuing commitment to regular exercise is more important than the best abdominal exercises.

The exercise programs that work include bicycle crunches, leg crunch, reverse crunch, etc. When you do too much of abdominal exercises, it is easy to forget lower back. Do exercises that will work on lower back too. This is essential because you need to avoid future problems like lower back pain. In other words, balance the exercises you do in supine position with some exercises on prone (prostrate) position. Raising your legs while lying face down, performing ‘plank on elbows & toes’ exercise, etc are good enough. Instead of focusing on short term goals like a ‘beach ready midsection for the coming holidays’, focus on long-term goals.

Don’t forget cardio exercises, as they too are essential for balancing your whole efforts. Hit the treadmill to burn as much fat as possible. Because, just as the proud owners of beautiful six-pack abs would testify, getting six-pack abs is more about burning fat and less about abdominal core exercises per se. Follow nutritional, low-fat diet and see your exercises, diet plans, etc aligning to your goal of a perfect midsection, which other guys will feel jealous about.

Let’s recap what you have learned from this article.

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Abdominal Exercise Machines – Tips, Tricks And Strategies For Choosing Abdominal Exercise Machines

The answer is both yes and no. In a world obsessed with having six pack abs, even Hollywood celebrities have joined in.

It used to be that if you had acting talent that was enough. Today however, it seems — that every Hollywood celebrity is ripped and lean in front of the camera.

Now a lot of people will tell you that they are just “genetically superior” to the rest of us mortals. Or, they will tell you that these people have nothing better to do than to live in the gym.

The reality is that you and I can have a flat, or even a ripped six pack abs stomachs. It just takes some common sense eating and the right abdominal exercise machines.

One of the best ways to have a flat and sculpted stomach is to use isometric exercise. The advantage of isometric exercises is that it strengthens the stomach muscles but does not increase their size.


Many individuals make the mistake of using resistance when doing stomach exercises. All this does is increase the actual stomach muscle. In other words, you have just increased the circumference of your waist.

The idea — if you ask me — is to have a slim, lean and small waist… does that make sense?

So at this point you may be asking yourself… “what are the best abdominal exercise machines ?”

no matter how much exercise you do you will never — ever reduce the size of your stomach. If you don’t cut back on the amount of carbohydrates and fats that you eat. Look, nobody ever said having a flat stomach was going to be easy.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. Making the right food choices is so not so much about giving up your favorite foods — as it is about knowing what foods to eat.

when choosing your ab exercise machines, look for one that has a decent warranty. Some of the ab exercises on the market today are just complete pieces of junk. If you can, try to get an abdominal exerciser that has at least a one-year warranty

familiarize yourself with isometric exercise. Using isometrics for your stomach exercises will quickly strengthen your stomach muscles and reduce belly fat.

when shopping for abdominal exercise machines look for quality over price. These are not very expensive exercisers, so get the best bang for your buck.

choose an exercise device that can perform as many abdominal exercises as possible. Why you ask? The biggest problem — besides time — is that you’ll get bored with the exercises.

The more variety or quantity of exercises that you can perform — the greater the chance that you’ll stick to your abdominal exercise program.

These 5 tips will help you in choosing the best abdominal exercise equipment. Just use your common sense and stick to your workouts.

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Abdominal Exercises Don’t Equal Fat Burning Workou

Abdominal exercises are one of the hottest, and yet, most controversial topics in the fitness and exercise industry. Hundreds of ab gadgets, gimmicks, and exercise machines have flooded the market for people looking for sexier and flatter abdominals… that sexy appearance that everyone seeks.

The problem is that most of the abdominal exercises that are recommended all over the internet, and in magazines, etc, are not necessarily the best method to get that six-pack abs appearance. First and foremost, the most important aspect for great looking six pack abs losing the extra belly fat that is covering them up. To be honest, most people already have decent abdominals underneath, yet the six-pack abs are simply covered up by all of that extra flabby stomach fat.

Your Focus

Instead of focusing so much on abs exercises to make your stomach flatter and more like a six-pack, you will lose much more body fat by focusing the majority of your training time with special combinations of high intensity full-body, multi-joint exercises. The best exercises for losing that abdominal fat and getting 6 pack abs are the exercises that work the largest portions of the body at once.


* Squats
* Deadlifts
* Cleans
* Presses
* Kettlebell Snatch


Exercises that work the large muscle groups of the legs, upper and lower back, and chest give you the biggest metabolic bang for your buck in terms of abdominal fat loss. Combining these types of big multi-joint exercises in high intensity super-set, tri-set, or circuit fashion gives you the biggest and metabolism boosting response from your workouts and the result being a set of 6 pack abs.

A example Circuit Training Workout:

1A) Deadlifts
1B) Push-Ups
1C) Cleans
1D) Bent Over Rows

And that is one of the best kept secrets for flat sexy abdominals that are actually visible as a six-pack!

Now when it comes to abdominal-specific exercises, another mistake most people make is mindlessly pumping away with hundreds of crunches and other meaningless abs exercises that barely give your abdominals much resistance to work against. If you want to actually develop your abdominals to the best extent possible, don’t waste your time with exercises that you can do more than 20 or 25 reps… that means you are definitely not doing an exercise that provides enough resistance to the abs. Exercises that give you enough resistance to get you down into the 6-15 rep range per set works great for the abs.

Generally, higher resistance abdominal exercises that provide a much larger stimulus to the abs come in the form of exercises that involve raising/curling the legs and pelvis either upward or inward closer to the trunk. A couple great examples of these higher resistance abdominal exercises are hanging leg raises or knee raises using a “pelvic curl up”, or an exercise like lying hip thrusts. Many times, the same people that can do 50 or 100 crunches, can’t even complete more than 2 or 3 properly executed hanging leg raises.

If you really want tighter flatter abdominals for that six-pack abs look, remember that losing that extra belly fat is the MOST important factor. Also, when it comes to abdominal-specific exercises, always remember higher resistance exercises that involve curling/raising the legs and pelvis upward or inward are what develops the abs to the best extent possible.

Best Abdominal Exercises At Home – A Few Minutes A Day

A common goal for both men and woman is to have a trim abdominal area and, even better, to have the abdominal muscles showing. Any plan needs some persistence and enthusiasm to succeed, but combined with a high-quality workout and diet you will succeed.

Everyone has abs because they are a key part of our core strength. The problem is in getting them seen beneath the body fat that is often stored in this area. This is a particular problem with men who tend to store excess calories as belly fat.

If you can reduce total body fat to an acceptable level and make use of some of the best abdominal exercises at home then you will have abdominal muscles that you can be proud of. How-ever without a balanced and sensible diet your abs will never be seen.

The abdominal crunch is one of the most established exercises for the abs but it needs to be done correctly to avoid the possibility of back injury. Move some furniture if required and get down on the floor on your back with the knees raised off the floor just a little. The neck should be held with your hands but not pulled on. Contract your stomach muscles while leaving your lower back on the floor. Raise your shoulders off the floor, while looking towards the ceiling, and hold for several seconds.

Lower back down while maintaining some tightening of the abdominal muscles and repeat. Repeat this for 15-20 reps. If you want to increase the intensity you can contract the abs at a slower rate, or maybe place some weight across your chest.


The tummy tuck can be done anywhere, whether at work or home, even while watching TV  . While sitting straight up in a chair with support for you back, draw in the abdominals. Hold for 4 or 5 seconds, release and repeat.

This exercise follows straight on from the last, stay upright with arms by your side. Bend in the middle, but with a straight back, and raise your legs from the floor so that a V shape is formed. Maintain for up to 15 seconds and replicate up to 10 times.

The abdominal bicycle crunch starts in the same position as the first exercise by being horizontal on the floor. Give your head some support with your hands and then lift both legs from the ground for a few inches. Raise the knee on one side towards the elbow on the other side, hold in this raised position and then slowly let go. Repeat on the other side, alternating for 15 repetitions.

Continuing on from the last exercise, the reverse crunch  instead has your arms by your sides. Raise your legs towards the chest area for a couple of seconds and slowly let go. To increase the intensity you can lift your tailbone from the floor.

Stay down on the ground, but this time place your legs up on a chair, beginning with them at a right angle to your body . This exercise involves straightening your body and lifting your back from the floor. Maintain for up to 10 sec when first beginning. As you get stronger you may last upwards of a minute.

Maintain your position on the floor with hands by your sides, or slightly under your buttocks for support. Lift the legs a little off the floor, maintain for a few seconds and lower. Do this say 20 or so times.

By following this program 3-4 times per week you will soon have abdominal muscles that you are proud of both because they look good and because you will have developed essential core strength.

For lots of other exercise tips and weight loss ideas visit:-

Jonny has spent considerable time researching medical journals, books and other material to find the best answers to this often complicated and conflicting subject.

Jonny is an active participant in the weight loss and fitness industry. If you would like to check out lots more information and tips check out the attached link:


Abdominal Exercise Equipment For Abdominal Weight Loss

They find their stomach a major trouble spot, the reason that they all appeal to certain exercises and fitness trainings that will help strengthen and tone their abdominal muscles. Fortunately, more and more abdominal exercise techniques are now made available for these people to practice. The exercises are offered in a myriad of gyms and other fitness training facilities to promote a better shape and general well-being. However, the exercises won’t be made more successful if certain equipments are not present; the reason that every interested individual must make sure that one or a pair of abdominal exercise equipment is available for them to use.

The abdominal exercise equipment comes in a wide variety. They are available in a number of forms; each has a role to play in abdominal training. Of the available equipments, below are the most popular. Take note of the following:

Bicycle Maneuver – One of the most commonly used abdominal exercise equipment or gadgets, this material is used while the person is lying flat on his or her back with the knees bent 45 degrees with the chest. While on this position, one must place both hands nearest to the head. Do the initial movement by trying to reach the elbow with the knee. If the target is the right elbow, the right knee should be used. The opposite happens when the left elbow is involved. This “reaching” and “touching” movement must be performed simultaneously to tense the muscles in the abdomen. To obtain the best result, the exercise must be done regularly with the bicycle maneuver.


Exercise Ball – If you will be doing crunches, obtaining abdominal exercise equipment they call as exercise ball can be one great move to take. This material is used primarily for such exercises with the user sitting on it while keeping feet apart. The body must also be aligned, and in order to obtain the best effects, one should lift the trunk off the ball in repetition. Yes, this movement must be repeated for several times.

Roman Chair – Designed to consist parallel arms with a padded straight and high back, the roman chair is by far the most common of the abdominal exercise equipments available. To use it, one should place his or her forearms on the parallel arm rest that the equipment carries. While on this position, the back should be aligned with the chair’s back rest. To make you feel comfortable, consider adjusting the height of the chair, but make sure that your legs are dangling straight down especially when you are preparing for the initial step. The exercise performed on this equipment involves the bending of the legs to bring the knees near the chest. Once the knees are brought closer to the chest, stay there for quite sometime, and go back to the original position. Just like the rest of the abdominal exercises, this too must be repeated for several times.

A lot more equipments are available out there for abdominal exercise training. The best way to obtain the right abdominal exercise equipment is to know first what you will be doing. Talk to an expert if you are not sure which equipment to take.

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www.youtube.com A freerunning clip video… 1. Basic Crunch- 2.Twist Up 3.Push Through- 4.Left side Crunch- 5. Right side Crunch- 6. Up and Twist- 7. Leg Raises- 8. Leg Tucks- 9. 90 Degree Ankle Touch- 10. Right Crossover Crunch- 11. Left Crossover Crunch- 12. Kick Ups- 13. Head Raises- 14. Scissors- 15. Left crossover twist- 16. Right crossover twist- 17. Head leg crunch- 18. Alternating Shoulder Lifts- 19. Hoover- 20- 180 Degree Ankle Touches- 21- Side bends- 22- Alternate Leg Tucks- 23- Alternating Push Throughs- www.myspace.com
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Proper Abdominal Exercises You Think Are Working ? But Are Not

Your abdominal muscles are one of the most important muscles next to your buttocks, yet are the most neglected. Here are tips on how to strengthen your core without doing traditional “sit-ups”. 

Strong abdominal muscles are important to maintaining good posture and keeping your spine properly aligned. Also, if your abdominal muscles are weak they cannot support your back which increases the risk of back injuries.  Furthermore, abdominal muscles are essential to the core strength of your body which helps to provide stability and balance during physical activity.

Physical therapists say that the abdominal muscles are an integral part of the core team of muscles – which include your gluts and lower back muscles yet they are also the most confusion when it comes to strength training.  There are many different exercises that you can do to develop your abdominal muscles some of which are good and other which are bad.  While it is important to use the proper exercise methods when it comes to the abdominal muscles very few know what those exercises entail.  Let’s take a look at a few of the proper exercises as well as a few that are based on myth.

The old tradition of getting down on the floor and doing abdominal crunches has grown to be somewhat of a myth because this type of abdominal exercise is performed with bad posture and places strain on your neck and shoulders and other parts of your body. There are many other abdominal exercises that are more effective and safer as far as avoiding injury.


You probably remember doing these during gym class in high school when your friend held your feet down while you performed the exercise.  While this exercise may be okay for a teenager it can pose injury to an adult because it places a lot of strain on the lower spine.  It can also cause other types of injury when you try to lift your shoulders up off the floor.  You are better off with an exercise that is performed with a slow curl and allows you to bend your knees.

Squats are often thought of as one of the greatest exercises there is for strengthening abdominals – but is really a total glut exercise.  If you squat with free weights it is best to have a physical therapist guide you through the exercise.  Your rear-end if also very important for your core as well, but needs to be combined with other exercises for true core strength.

Using an exercise ball to perform crunches puts less strain on your lower back, but it is still improper. This is normally done by sitting on the exercise ball with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, letting the ball roll back until the upper part of your legs and torso are parallel with the floor, and raiding your torso 45 degrees and holding it before you return to the starting position. There are much more effective forms of abdominal exercises than this.

The captain’s chair is performed with your elbows on pads that are located on both sides of the equipment with your hands grasping a bar on each side.  You allow your feet to dangle and then gradually lift your knees up to your chest in a controlled fashion and then slowly lower them back down.  This exercise is currently considered the second safest exercise for abdominal muscles and lower back – but it is improper.

The purpose of the abdominal muscles is to hold your core in like a girdle. Exercises need to be done in a similar fashion by drawing and sucking in. A physical therapist has very specific exercises that utilize the proper use of the core. This makes all of the other exercises mentioned above inefficient.

By doing it this way, you’ll be able to work out your abs with the most effective exercise there is!

Depending upon your current health status and fitness level it is always wise to seek the advice of a physical therapist that can perform a complete evaluation and design an exercise program that is tailored to your needs and your fitness goals.


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Dr. McGovern is also the inventor of the McGovern Movement Score (MMS), which measures the quality of basic human movements and can score how well one moves to help predict possible future injury. 


Dr. McGovern has been analyzing the biomechanics of golfers and baseball pitchers for over 15 years in order to improve athletic results.  As a sports enthusiast and athlete himself, his passion is helping people get in the best possible shape for a healthier, happier life.  Visit www.mcgovernpt.com.

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