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Are you fitness minded?   Do you crave the burn?  Love the sweat?  Just can’t wait till your next workout, or the next time you get to slip into those workout clothes you love so much?  Does your heart start to race when you find new workout gear or new workouts?  Do you crave healthy food and love to find new recipes?  Do you love to help others around you live healthy?
Great!  You have come to the right place, so sit back and have a look around.

Fitness Love is for fitness lovers, fitness bloggers, and fitness related companies.

If you are a fitness blogger check out our VIP Blogger Section.

If you are a company that sells fitness and health related products and are looking to advertise check out our
Fitness Company Marketing

Who is behind this amazing site?  Sheila and Lori have teamed up to bring you the best in everything fitness.

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