4.9.13 Giveaways

Got a Giveaway you want shared?  Email me at fitnesslove2@gmail.com – Please let them know I sent you!

This Momma Can Run – ViewSPORT Review & Giveaway!!! When it comes to workout clothes, I love shirts that have motivating sayings/phrases on them! Enter ViewSPORT’s athletic apparel. Here is a little information about their awesome product…. DETAILS

Sports Bras and Sippy Cups – multiple giveaways are listed here and you don’t want to miss out on any…DETAILS

Mindy’s Fitness Journey – Okay – there are also a few GREAT giveaways on this page and details on how to enter the DietBet that is over $12,000!!! DETAILS

A little light this week – but there will be more added as they are found!


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