Tips to Help Kids be Fit


I know how hard it is now days to get kids out of the house and away from the video games.   You see stories all over and parents talking about how their kids are glued to their games/computer/hand held devices.  I know my son was.  And, it frustrated me to no end!

But, just because your kids love their gaming is no reason for them to become over weight and live an unhealthy life.  Here are some great ways to help them.

1) Check out the playgrounds at your local parks or schools and make a fun play day on the jungle gym.

2) Take the family hiking, bicycling or swimming.

3) Join up with friends, family, neighbors and do fun games like softball, kickball or tag.

4) Make a point of after dinner going for a walk.  It is good family time to talk about the day.

5) Get the kids involved in cleaning the house or helping in the yard.  Doing things like vacuuming, raking, washing the car, mopping floors.

6) Get a dancing or exercise game for the Wii, Xbox, or Playstation and gather the whole family for fitness night.

Do you have a fun tip?  Share it with us.

Author: Molly Ritterbeck

I am a blogger who loves to share the world of fitness and lead you to the info that amazing people are putting out!

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