Powerful plyometric fitness moves

Are you bored with your current workout? Have you hit the dreaded fitness plateau? Give your fitness a jumpstart with plyometrics, the training technique used by athletes to increase muscle power and strength with jumps, bounds and other explosive movements. Plyometrics, also called jump training, will not only add intrigue to your current exercise ennui, they will help you boost your fitness level, burn calories and get results. Here are three plyometric moves, courtesy of the American Council on Exercise (ACE) to get you pumped.

Before you jump

Because of the explosive movements, plyometrics are considered an advanced training technique for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have a solid foundation of fitness.

Jessica Matthews, coordinator of continuing education for American Council on Exercise (ACE), says “Plyometric training can be a smart addition to a healthy individual’s training program as long as it is used wisely. This type of training, when used safely and effectively, strengthens muscles, increases vertical jump and decreases impact forces on the joints.”

Before you jump into plyometrics, be sure to read Get a jump on fitness with plyometrics and learn more about this powerful training technique.

Quick plyometric workout

Forward Cone Jumps

Starting position: Place a series of cones 18 to 24 inches apart in a straight line on a non-slip surface. Stand 6 inches behind the first cone with your feet hip-width apart or closer, arms by your sides. Pull your shoulders down and back without arching your low back, and brace your abdominal muscles to stiffen your spine.

Downward phase: First shift your hips backwards then slowly move downwards to create a hinge-like movement at your knees. Continue to lower yourself until you feel your heels about to lift off the floor. Try to maintain a flat back by bending forward at the hips. Keep your head facing forward or to the floor, and position your arms where comfortable or where they offer the most balance support.

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Jumping motion: With ONLY a very brief pause at the bottom of your downward phase, explode forward and upwards over the top of the first cone, pushing and extending your ankles, knees and hips simultaneously. As you jump into the air, try to keep your feet level with each other and parallel with the floor.

Landing: The most important components of the landing phase are correct foot position and avoiding excessive forward movement. Attempt to land softly and quietly on the mid-foot, rolling backwards quickly towards the heels to create a level foot, parallel with the floor. Always push your hips backwards and drop your hips to absorb the jumping forces. Avoid locking your knees or quads on your landing, as this may lead to potential knee injuries. Land with your trunk inclined slightly forward, head aligned with your spine and back rigid or flat. Keep your abdominal / core muscles engaged, stiffening your torso to protect your spine

With only a very brief pause at the bottom of your landing phase, explode forward and upwards again. Continue this process until you have cleared all the cones.

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Step Aerobic Moves

Regular practice of aerobic exercise can help one to lose substantial weight. Aerobics also helps in increasing the fitness levels and improve the condition of the cardiovascular system. For those who are in a hurry to lose weight, the right option is aerobic step movements and equipments.Diagnosis Aerobic exercises include jogging, skipping, fast walking, swimming, cycling, dance and step movements. Aerobic step movements are fast and they do not strain the muscles unlike in jogging. Any form of aerobics uses the lungs powerfully. Step aerobics involves both movements on a step and dance forms.

Aerobic dance is usually performed on the floor. For step aerobics arm gestures get combined with body and foot movements.

This helps in moving the large muscles and increases burning of fat. An individual works out vertically and not horizontally in step aerobics. The person who is exercising places a step at a height of four to ten inches in front of him or her. The exercise is to step up and down in a rhythmic manner to the sound of music. Beginners start with a step at a height of four inches. With increase in one’s fitness, the step’s height is also increased gradually.

Step aerobics workout appears to be easy but it is highly strenuous. This helps to increase one’s fitness levels. As the hips and legs are continuously used to raise and lower the body, the excess fat in those parts shed quite fast. One must remember not to start exercising suddenly. Working out on a step bench needs proper warm up.

The height of the bench should be kept in mind. If the bench is too high or low, it causes stress to the body.Diagnosis Wearing bedroom slippers in place of running shoes is a strict no-no. One should always stop exercising the moment tiredness sets in. To make the stretch comfortable one should stand close to the step bench while exercising. Since the entire weight of the body is supported by the step bench, one should be careful while placing the foot on the bench.

Aerobic step movements can be easily performed at one’s home. The equipments are cheap compared to any other exercise machines. Busy people who do not have the time to visit a gym can always opt for aerobic step movement. It is the ideal work out for those who want to remain fit and yet want to exercise in their own homes.

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Aerobic Moves

Regular aerobic exercise can improve the health of your heart and extend your life by oxygenating your blood, muscles and organs. What constitutes as aerobic exercise and how does one go about beginning an aerobic lifestyle? Any activity that increases the heart rate to work at 70 to 80 percent for at least 12 minutes is considered aerobic; therefore, there are countless numbers of aerobic moves to choose from.

Always remember to warm up first by slowly raising the heart rate and warming the muscles, this will help avoid injury. Some aerobic moves that can start slow and increase to a more intense level is walking, marching, stair climbing and jumping jacks. The warm up portion of your routine should be about five to ten minutes.

Once warmed up there are a lot of choices in aerobic moves including: running, swimming, and dancing. In general an aerobic exercise should move the body at increasing intensities to reach the target heart rate and sustain it for a set amount of time.

How ever you choose to achieve this is up to personal taste and is subject to variety every day.

After the main session of your aerobic workout you will want to complete your session with cool down aerobic moves that include stretching the muscles you have worked. You want to allow you heart to slowly move to the normal heart rate as you cool down. This too helps avoid injury and cramping when the exercise is complete.

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All the Right Moves: Why Running Twister Is a Powerful Fitness Motivator

Sometimes, the only thing missing in your quest to get in shape is the right level of motivation, and Running Twister could be the motivating factor that’s absent from your life. Because this new system combines bouncing, twisting, and resistance moves, it’s not a boring workout. You’re not stationary and bound to a seat, yet you’re not working out on the cold hard floor. With Running Twister, you can exercise while watching your favorite show on TV – you don’t have to go outside or go to the gym.

The more motivated you are to exercise, the more fat you’ll lose. And if you’re having fun, you’ll hardly notice that you’re working out. That’s what makes all the difference with sticking to your exercise plan. Playing with your dog outside or bouncing on Running Twister does not feel like monotonous work – it feels much more like playtime.


If you have children, working out on this piece of fitness equipment sets a positive example for your kids. When you opt to exercise and have fun at the same time, you convey the message to your kids that working out is an important and enjoyable part of life. Your kids will be equally motivated to engage in sports and other fitness opportunities.

If you don’t think that exercise is fun, you haven’t tried this kind of apparatus. Bouncing and twisting are infinitely more enjoyable than sit-ups, squats, and running. The higher your intensity level, the more changes you’ll see in your body. You’ll notice a trimmer waistline and more defined arms. It’s the full body workout that combines cardio and resistance training, so that you kill two birds with one stone.

What’s stopping you from trying this new exercise option? The price is less than most gym-quality equipment, yet it’s easy to hide in your closet when not in use. You can also try to twist, bounce, and resist at different intervals. Who says you have to exercise all at once? You can bounce and twist for five minutes here and ten minutes there. Suddenly, you’ll have your 30 minutes of cardio all done for the day.

With this fun new exercise system, your abs, legs, and arms all get the right level of resistance to define your body. When you combine fun with exercise, you’ll notice that you feel better for the rest of the day. You’ll have more pep and energy, and your mood will get brighter. Running Twister may be all that you need to get off the couch and get in shape for good.

RunningTwister.com offers a new fitness option that allows you to take advantage of low-impact cardio and core-focused action while also burning calories. If you’re looking for a convenient way to lose weight and exercise consider the Running Twister