Fitness: Tips for running beginners

Running is perhaps the best workout to improve your health and condition your body. Most people now days associate running with the issues of loosing extra pounds and getting rid of flabby abs, however the advantages of running are multiple, both in terms of health benefits and state of mind: according to all latest medical researches, running has been proven  beneficial in slowing the aging process, while at the same time, it keeps your skin healthy and glowing. It reduces the risk of heart-attacks, by strengthening the heart, lowering the blood pressure and keeping the arteries open. Regular running raises good cholesterol (HDL) thus minimizing the bad cholesterol. It also improves the human immune system, by allowing higher concentration of lymphocytes in the blood. Finally, it relieves a person from stress and at the same it builds self confidence to the runner, since he feels confident of his physical condition and realizes that his legs and body (in general) are strong and capable. Stay tuned with naro (ειδησεις/men.html) with all the latest news (ειδησεις, πρωτοσελιδα εφημεριδων).

One of the most basic things for every beginner is the running program. You can find them on the internet, however you must always remember that the right running program for you is the one that you are confident that you can commit to, while at the same time, it fits your current fitness level-meaning since you’re a beginner you cannot possibly select and follow a running program designed for experienced runners. In addition, the running program will help you keep track of your progress.

Moreover, you need to select the ideal running shoes for running, meaning that if you do not have the correct sneakers for the job-you will inflict self-injuries. You need to direct yourself to an athletic shoes store and ask the experienced personnel for advice. Better yet, try out the sneakers to see if you feel fit and comfortable in them. Generally speaking, the ideal running shoes should be highly flexible with a soft midsole in order to effectively absorb shock.

In addition, clothing is equally important. The most recommended material is tech fabric. Tech fabric is a synthetic material, specially designed for running clothes, because it allows good air circulation and sweat to vaporize. Most football teams now days user t-shirts of such material. Try to avoid cotton clothes, since -apart from the fact that they are heavier- they do not allow sweat to escape, resulting in chafing.

Listening to music can become a nice destruction to -running caused- fatigue and soreness. You can purchase a MP3 player and upload it with all your favorite songs-it will help you run the “extra mile”. Additionally, a chronograph watch can also be very handy.

Finally, you must always remember that stretching after a run is not recommended, since your body and muscles will be very weary and fatigued and they tend to fight the stretch. However, if you feel the need to stretch, it is best to do it before the running, or after completing 1-2 laps, when your body will be slightly warmed up.

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