Low Fat Brownie Recipe

Want a brownie? Have one! Here is a low-calorie, low-fat recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chocolate Brownies:

1 Box Devils Food Cake Mix

1 Can Pumpkin

Mix both together and spread in pan (mixture will be thick). Bake 25 minutes at 400. No pumpkin taste…I promise!!!

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Tasty Cell-nique Detox Drinks Review

Cell-nique Logo

Energize. Detoxify. Nourish. Every Day.

Now you can energize, detoxify, and nourish your body ever day and it can taste better than you would imagine! Cell-nique  provided me with samples and compensation to do this review but of course I am coming to you with my honest opinion as to how it tastes! You wouldn’t expect any less, now would you??

When the box arrived on my door step I had 6 bottles of  flavors that sounded good and ones I was not so sure of. Japanese Roasted Tea, Apple, Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate, Vanilla Citrus, and Tropical Fruit. Of course there are more flavors – but these were the ones that I tried out. Like you might guess I started with those that I was most unsure of so that I could end the trial period on a good note.  I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that they all turned out to be good – and I made my husband taste test them with me to get more than just my feedback.  I also did this because in our house I would not be the only person drinking them – I can’t do anything by myself in here – but if it is something that is good for you, I tend to try and hoard them so that they want to have them – reverse psychology at it’s best.


So a little but about the product:

  • Cell-nique Super Green is a USDA organic drink that energizes, detoxifies and nourishes your body with the equivalent of 8 servings of fruits & vegetables in every bottle. I personally like being able to get these servings in a drink as I tend to lean more towards drinks in the summer
  • Cell-nique is Vegan, gluten-free, low-calorie. This makes it easy when people are over – you don’t have to worry about who is drinking what!
  • All flavors of Cell-nique Super Green contain the same 31 organic super foods.  Most of the sugar count comes from the naturally occurring sugars in the fruits and vegetables, with a small amount of stevia and organic blue agave. I like agave – and you can taste it (or I can) so I know it is there :)


This drink is a healthy drink, an energy booster, and the Cell-nique drinks are a family of detox drinks!


I must say that the flavors were great – with just one exception and I can explain. The Lemon Ginger was not my favorite – ONLY because I was recently pregnant with Baby Bailey and she made me sick and I had to drink and eat lots of things that contained ginger to help me out – so I am kind of over ginger. My husband taste tested it for me to give a more honest and unbiased opinion – and he said it was good – so technically you could say they were are really good. Don’t let the name Japanese Roasted Tea fool you either – it was extremely delightful and if you like agave – I swear it has that taste to it. You must be sure to shake them up entirely so that everything is mixed – I know for us there was some settling to the bottom of the bottle. This had me worried that there would be a chalky taste – but once it was mixed – you had no idea!


I invite you all to try your choice of any 1-3 bottles of Cell-nique now and get FREE SHIPPING! Redeem this offer at http://www.cell-nique.com/products/Try_Me-26-66.html

Don’t forget to find Cell-nique on Twitter  http://www.twitter.com/CNSuperGreen & Facebook http://www.facebook.com/CellniqueSuperGreen


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How to Spice Up that Girl’s Night Out

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hpnotiq for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let your hair down music up! with a new website that has the latest on how to spice up that girl's night out!

There is always something new to pick up on before a night out on the town with my girls. Since I am busy during the day I only catch up on what is new by getting out to the club. So instead of being taken by surprise on my girl’s night out – I stop over at Primp & Prep to get all the latest!

Primp & Prep is all about getting ready before hitting the town in style!

"Who's wearing what?" "Can I borrow some makeup?" "Those earrings look fab!" "Oh, turn this song up, it's my jam!" This is the calm before you and your girls take the clubs by storm.

Primp & Prep! is an exclusive online site on Hpnotiq, one stop shop, where girls can go to get all of their beauty, fashion, style tips, gossip, music etc. before they hit the town for their girls night out.


This website is a one stop experience for getting information on the latest in :

  • Home cocktails and drink recipes for a night in
  • Style, fashion, and beauty tips for a night on the town with your girls
  • Music – even a station on Pandora called Hypnotiq Harmonies to listen to while getting ready and even on your way to your favorite spot!
  • Guys – catch the hottie across the bar!



My favorite part to the Primp & Prep website is that is gives you the low down on what guys really think of your party attire. You never want to give the wrong impression and sometimes you may not even realize it! Your favorite dress might be the beautiful disaster you never wanted it to be – now you will never have to make that mistake again!

I am also loving the ECards that you can send to all your girlfriends to keep the fun going!

This is most definitely a one stop shop from shoes, to dresses, to nail polish, to innocent text messages interpreted wrong.  This is the best site for getting it write – so what are you waiting for? Hair down, music up! Go there now!




You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly


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Get Happy – There’s An App For That!

Welcome 2013 – and To Getting Happy!  With the new day and age of so many things to make like easier it seems like people have become less happy – say what?! How does it happen?  People forget to be happy is what I think!  No worries though – need a subtle reminder? There is an app for that – it is called Get Happy!

I have been using this app for about 5 days and I love the fact that there are 4 different areas that you can use this app for – relationships, personal growth (my favorite), leisure and work/education.  There is definitely something for everyone within these four areas.

Within these groups you can rate where you feel you are at to start and from there it will give you different tasks to do, questions to ask yourself, or motivation for the day through regular push notifications. They come once a day so it is nothing that is overly annoying and actually makes me take a moment to remember that I want to Get Happy and this is my minute if getting happy and staying there!

Another great thing about the Get Happy app is that you can share it or email it with all your friends and share some happiness with the rest of the world.

To me the Get Happy app has brought a smile to my face with the fun reading and great insight to simple things that might have escaped me before. I can’t wait to see where I can get with the tips and tricks it brings! Now couldn’t use some help in Getting Happy?