Bra-mazing: My Epic Quest for the Perfect Running Bra Part 2

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Not to be dissuaded by the mounting evidence that my boobs are just not runner-friendly, I continued my search. After reading about a million reviews online, I finally settled on the Moving Comfort Women’s Maia bra. The high cut seemed promising, and I figured the under wire support probably couldn’t hurt.

Three miles – check. Six miles – check. Ten miles – check. Twelve miles – EPIC FAIL.

Never has a bra injured me so much. While the straps stayed in place for the most part, leaving my shoulder blades relatively unscathed, the clasps in the back bent and started digging into my back so much that they ended up drawing blood. I was also chafed to the point of bleeding in the front, where the right under wire was rubbing. While I still take it on runs under 10 miles, this is the first bra that’s actually caused me pain while I was still running.

So close, though!

I felt defeated. I resigned myself to the fact that running is pain, and while others deal with bad knees and IT band syndrome, DD band syndrome is just my cross to bear.

Then, my running buddy recommended the Lululemon Tata Tamer II. I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. I ordered a size up in the band because a lot of reviews complained that the fit was too tight, and waited for my latest investment to arrive. I happened to be heading out on a 13 miler the day after the Tata Tamer showed up at my doorstep, so I decided to take it for a test.

At mile three I met up with my running buddy, and I asked her to adjust the straps for me, just to be sure. Thirteen miles later, I arrived home pain-free. When I looked in the mirror, though, I noticed the familiar red marks on my shoulder blades. They looked and felt less severe than the Champion bra, but I was still doubtful that the Tata Tamer could get me through the marathon unscathed.

As I was reading through some more reviews about the bra, I realized that the straps could be crossed to have a sort of racer back effect. I caught my breath. Could this be it? The boob solution I’d been waiting for?

I had a 17 mile run and no better options, so I decided to test it.

The bra was a little difficult to navigate with the straps crossed, but once I wriggled into it, it felt comfortable and secure. I finished getting dressed and headed out for my run.

I have to admit, I was nervous, and not just because this was the longest distance my legs had ever run. This was the longest distance my boobs had ever run. I got inside and peeled off my running clothes, then went to the bathroom mirror to inspect the damage.


Not. One. Mark.

My shoulders were a little sore where the top of the straps pressed into them, but it was nothing a nice shoulder massage wouldn’t take care of. I stepped gingerly into the shower, anticipating a surprise sting.

Still nothing.

Could it be? Was my quest finally over? And had it really ended with a brand I had written off as more-trendy-than-functional women’s sportswear?


Lululemon: You were right. I was wrong. And thank you for taming my tatas.

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