Aerobic Fitness – The Benefits Of Running

If you’re looking to Keep fit or you need to lose some weight then taking up running is an effective way of achieving that. Running is a great way to improve your aerobic fitness. There are many exercises that improve your aerobic fitness however, running is the most accessible, simplest and requires no training machines or equipment.

Running is the most common and popular form of exercise to keep fit with. You are not restricted where you can run as you can do it almost anywhere. There is nothing that can give you a sense of freedom as running in the country, where you are close to nature and breathing in clean fresh air.

Running is one of the most important types of exercises as it forms the foundation of many athletic and military fitness training programmes. If you are thinking of taking up running as a way to keep fit or lose weight and you have not done it for a while then, you need to start slowly. Actually it is better to begin your exercise routine with intense walking rather than running. Walking will build up the health of your body over time and make your body adapt to the change in intensity. Once you have done intense walking for about 30 minutes a day for a minimum of 3 days a week for 4 weeks you can then begin to jog.


You do not have to do running or jogging to keep fit or lose weight. Many people can find it hard on their joints especially their feet and knees. There are great aerobic exercises that you can use as alternatives. For example you can take up cycling or use many of the cardiovascular machines at your gym or health club.

The following are 6 ways running can benefit you:

1.Running can help to lower or reduce your risk of heart disease which is the biggest killer in the western world.
2.Aerobic exercises are great at burning of calories which mean they can help to get rid of excess fat.
3.By running on a regular basis you will gradually build up your lung capacity and cardiovascular endurance.
4.You will have increased energy levels and a greater resistance to fatigue.
5.A regular run will help to strengthen your bones, leg muscles, tendons and ligaments.
6.Running helps build strength and endurance to your lower body.

Warm up before doing any physical exercises. Consult a doctor or physician for advice before doing any new exercise program if you have a medical condition or injury.


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