3.25 Giveaways To Check Out

Here are some more awesome giveaways to check out! Please tell them Fitness Love sent you if you can!

Road Runner Girl – Huma Chia Energy Gel Review and Giveaway!

“Not too long ago my friend Larisa from Zero to Twenty Six Point Two sent me a text asking me if I wanted to try a new energy gel for my runs. Well being the running blogger that I am I love trying new things! But first I did a little research because I didn’t want to say yes if I knew that it would be a product that I wasn’t interested in. So she
told me the name of the gel…Huma Chia Energy Gel…and I immediately googled it. When I saw the words “chia” and “all natural” I knew I definitely wanted to try this gel…” MORE DETAILS HERE

Run Pretty – Sensible Snacking + snackTAXI {Giveaway}

“I’m really trying to get my snack tooth under control. I’d say I have a sweet tooth, but my teeth don’t discriminate. They like it all. That can be a problem when your job includes a built in “snack time” at least once a day. These are the things I’m trying to keep in mind when I get all snacky and what-not…” MORE DETAILS HERE

Bendiful – Social Media Socializing at Breakfast & BAMR Band Giveaway

“I love social media, I’m pretty sure that’s obvious if you follow me on any of my many and sometimes ridiculous amounts of social media accounts you probably already know that. I have a Rebel Mouse account just in case it gets crazy big I know already how to use it. I was one of the first 2% of users on instagram  and I had some high hopes for the now ill-fated Buzzy…” MORE DETAILS HERE

Wine To Weightlifting – ViewSport Review and a giveaway!

“If you didn’t notice from the opportunities I have had to work with SoRockShop and LatitudeGearRX, I am a sucker for fun workout tanks, or WOD gear as I like to call them. I think part of this is attributed to the importance of visual cues that I discussed before; there is just a different sort of feeling you get on the inside when you are rocking a powerful message on the outside…” MORE DETAILS HERE

It’s A Harleyyy Life – Contest and Giveaway!

“I’ve talked about the great product SPIbelt a couple of times on this blog. It’s the perfect belt that holds seriously everything and anything you need for a run. I stuff it all in there. My phone, food, keys, you name it I carry it around on my runs….” MORE DETAILS HERE

Mindy’s Fitness Journey – My week, healthier water? and giveaway!

“Water…To live healthy, we MUST drink it, RIGHT???Yes, of course! That is the first thing people tell us when we start a healthy lifestyle. Drink your water, and when you have done that, drink some more water… Well, I do that! And since I started working out, I have been searching for something that tastes good and will give me fuel and health benefits. I love drinking water, but sometimes I need something with something with taste. So why not add something that is good for your heart too! Omega Infusion Water… Hmm… Interesting…” MORE DETAILS HERE

Run Fast Momma – Staying Healthy with Culturelle Kids & Giveaway

“For this family, this winter sure has been rough even though we got to escape to Florida for a bit in January.  The kids and I have been sick a few times, although luckily not as bad as some of our friends and neighbors, but our germ fighting has been full force!…” MORE DETAILS HERE

Run Fast Momma – 2013 RockCF Half Marathon and FlipBelt Giveaway!

“I had an incredible Half Marathon this morning and in honor of my new PR I am giving away a FlipBelt!!!….” MORE DETAILS HERE

As you can see there are a lot for today and more to come! Again, please let them know Fitness Love sent you!

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